How To Upload A Video To Youtube And Get It Seen In 6 Simple Steps

To add your content to YouTube, try converting your audio file to a video file by adding an image. YouTube doesn’t have a tool to do this, but you can try other video editing software.

When the upload flow is complete, your video will be available to stream in low resolution, on a wide variety of devices. When you upload a video, the video file is imported to YouTube.

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End screen Add visual elements to the end of your video. Your video must be 25 seconds or longer to add an end screen. This option is only available after your video is done processing.

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Making money might not be your reason for starting a YouTube channel, but the opportunities to earn are a pleasant surprise once you realize how many of them there are. YouTube stars are today’s self-made celebrities—people who have earned an audience by creating content geared toward teaching, entertaining, reviewing, and being awesome on the internet. When you upload a video, it will initially be processed in low resolution. This process helps you complete the upload process faster.

  • Private videos are unlisted and can only be viewed by viewers that you designate.
  • These users need to have a Google account to access the video.
  • Annotations are notes or text on the actual video that you can add at certain times of the video being played.
  • Closed captioning is becoming more prominent, especially as more users view videos without sound.
  • Unlisted videos are only accessible to people who know the exact video link.
  • Public videos can be searched for and viewed by anyone.

Compressing will reduce your video file size while maintaining the video quality. One common way to compress a video for YouTube is to encode it using the H.264 codec. On the next screen, tap the video you want to upload (you can also record a new video or «Go Live,» meaning that you’ll start livestreaming from your phone camera).

Enter information about the video and click «Publish» to finalize the upload. You can publish the video while it’s still uploading, or wait till the upload is complete. Either way, the video won’t appear online unless you click «Publish.» While the video uploads, you can enter information youtube mp3 converter like the name and description of the video. You can choose to make videos public or private, and enter descriptions and tags for each video.

Copyright strikes do not affect how much you can upload but Community Guidelines strikes do. Open the Visibility page to choose your video’s privacy setting and pick your video’s publish time.

Add cards and end screens to show viewers related videos, websites, and calls to action. Tags can be useful if the content of your video is commonly misspelled. Otherwise, tags play a minimal role in your video’s discovery. ​If you close the upload experience before you finish choosing your settings, your video will be saved as a draft on your Videos page. If your video is larger than 128 GB, try compressing your video in a video editing software before uploading it to YouTube.

Youtube Offline Mode

To that end, in over 120 countries/territories around the world, users can download YouTube videos for offline playback without a subscription. We can stay up from dawn till dusk and we will never run out of YouTube videos to watch, but what do you do when you have to stray from your faithful Wi-Fi?

From this section, tap Downloads, and you’ll see downloaded videos complete with thumbnails and more information. We’re going to use a website called and the app Documents, which between them will allow you to download a YouTube video then transfer it to Photos. Once a video is in Photos it’s easy to view and share further. These methods should work on most iOS devices, and we can confirm that they work in every version of iOS from 8 to 12.

Downloading a YouTube video to your iPad or iPhone is actually pretty easy once you know how, and essential if you want to watch clips offline. Plus, it’s incredibly annoying when something good gets removed from YouTube, and you’ll be glad you saved a copy. Read on to learn more about video formats and quality settings when downloading YouTube videos. If you often download videos in the same format, check out Smart Mode. This saves your download preferences and loads them automatically.

You can also set the download destination by clicking on the Choose button. Once it is done, click on the Download button to save the video on your PC or Mac. After you have selected the video quality, it will start downloading in the background. Tap on the Download button in the window that appears.

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If you go Premium, you don’t need any third-party software. However, the only way you can really download videos on a Premium sub is via the YouTube app — not the actual site. To open this you may need to tap the three-line ‘hamburger’ icon at the top left to open the side bar, then hit Documents.

  • Just had my doubt as i transferred from internal storage to sd card.
  • Youtube has just read your already transferred file.
  • Choose the device appeared on screen and start sharing.
  • I have save more than 80 videos in offline folder in letv 1 , how can I transfer to another device please let me know.
  • You will get the list of devices to which you want to transfer videos as soon as the receive button of YouTube Go app is clicked on another device.

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Click the lightbulb icon at the top right and next time you paste a youtube mp3 URL into 4K Video Downloader, it will be downloaded instantly with the last settings you used. Using third-party apps to download YouTube videos is against Youtube’s terms of service – which state that you are only able to stream videos directly from its servers. Downloading YouTube videos is also great if you have a mobile plan with a limited data allowance.

With that being said, here’s a quick and easy guide to help you download YouTube videos on mobile and desktop. The easiest way to download videos for offline viewing is to have a YouTube Premium subscription.

You download some YouTube videos for offline playback, of course. Here’s how — and who — can download videos in YouTube for offline playback. Doing so will parse the video and then will let you select the video format and resolution in which you want to do it by clicking on the corresponding tick box.

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Once you do, YouTube will ask you to select video quality. But before we go ahead, here’s a quick disclaimer. This how-to article is only to help users download YouTube videos for their convenience, and strictly not for copyright infringement. You should ideally download videos only when the creator allows it, and should use the downloaded file responsibly.